Service Options 

Meaningful Memorials Funeral Service is able to assist families in making the choices for planning a meaningful funeral, memorial, graveside service, reception or basic cremation and not have to incur the higher costs that are often seen when dealing with traditional funeral homes.

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Service Options

Meaningful Memorials Funeral Service is able to assist families in making affordable arrangements for:

  • immediate cremation - no service
  • immediate cremation with a graveside service to follow
  • immediate cremation with a memorial service to follow
  • funeral service with the body present and then cremation to follow
  • traditional burial with a graveside service
  • traditional burial with a funeral service
  • memorial luncheons ~ receptions
  • personalized funeral and memorial experiences


Meaningful Memorials Funeral Service is able to assist in:

  • completing government forms to apply for the CPP death benefit, survivors benefits, notification to various government departments, estate fraud protection
  • decisions for a final resting place such as burial, columbarium niche, scattering and so on
  • selecting a venue to hold a service and/or memorial luncheon that will best suit the needs and number of the family and guests
  • newspaper obituary announcements
  • completing government forms for various benefits and notifying various government agencies.

Meaningful Memorials Funeral Service is able to  provide assistance with selection of...

Urns, scattering tubes, caskets, cremation containers, keepsake urns, keepsake jewelry, finger print keepsakes, memorial bookmarks, memorial guest books, color service folders, memorial DVD video tributes, cemetery monuments and markers.

In Canada, families are able to select a casket or urn from the provider they wish, some choosing to make it themselves.  No funeral home can refuse a casket or urn supplied from another source. They can not treat a family any different for supplying their own casket or urn. 

Though Meaningful Memorials Funeral Service has a modest selection of caskets and urns to choose from, families are under no obligation to purchase from us. We will discuss all options available.

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